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Cinematic and emotional EDM with uplifting and Spirit-filled lyrics to soothe and feed the soul.

David "DT1" Thomas, is an award-winning producer/singer/songwriter/guitarist. He has performed both around the region (Caribbean) and North America and is a founding partner of Lifeshift Records with Carol Angel.


As an in-demand producer, David has won several local and regional awards for music production and is always at work on various projects including inspiring and advising many aspiring music producers, artists and creatives .

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DT1 - The Fear of the Lord (feat. Carol Angel) [Official Lyric Video] | Lifeshift Records

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DT1 - Your Love (feat. Paula Hinds) [Official Lyric Video | Lifeshift Records

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DT1 - I need Your Life (feat. Carol Angel) [Official Lyric Video) | Lifeshift Records

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